Community participation and social innovation

Joline Young Heritage Consultancy offers a range of heritage-related services. Our service offering includes the following:

  1. Heritage consulting, curation and support for museum exhibitions
  2. Heritage assessments
  3. Heritage monitoring
  4. Research projects: Primary archival and secondary literature research
  5. Oral history research projects and community consultation
  6. Focused archival research for corporations and private individuals
  7. Lectures on Cape Slavery and pre-colonial indigenous communities
  8. Lectures on 17th and 18th century Cape History
  9. Heritage talks at conferences
  10. Creating heritage content for storyboards and publication
  11. Walking history seminars in Simon’s Town  and Cape Town city focusing particularly, but not only, on the history of slavery
  12. Heritage tourism
  13. Heritage tourism training
  14. Educational resources
  15. Genealogy

Previous clients include Heritage Western Cape, Personal Trust, Museum Services, the National Library of South Africa, Net vir Pret NGO, UFS and UCT.

Current educational resources available:

  1. ‘Lucy’s Dream’, an educational children’s book covering the topic of forced removals.
  2. On-line seminars, which are advertised on our website.